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New Book: America's Bubble Economy

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  • New Book: America's Bubble Economy President & Founder Eric Janszen has co-authored the book America's Bubble Economy, Profit When it Pops, published by Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    Dr. David Wiedemer
    Robert Wiedemer
    Cindy Spitzer
    Eric Janszen

    John Wiley & Sons

    A timely guide to creating wealth during the impending financial crisis

    ABE makes many of the arguments as has but is written for a much wider audience. No background in either economics or finance is required. It gives specific advice on investments to make. Not a doom and gloom book about the end of the world, the book is a practical guide to understanding the problems that we face, how these will lead to fairly predictable long term outcomes, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family... and even profit.

    The book is already popular among Certified Financial Planners and Wealth Managers who purchase it for their clients to provide background for professional asset allocation guidance. If you are a CFP, CFA Chartered Financial Analyst, or other accredited finance professional, please Contact Us for volume discounts.
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    Re: New Book: America's Bubble Economy


    Chapter 1
    Executive Summary: Do We Really Have a Bubble Economy and Why Should I Care?
    Chapter 2
    Bubble Blind: How We Got Ourselves into This Mess

    Chapter 3
    Bubblequake: A Likely Scenario of How the Bubbles Will Collide and Fall
    Chapter 4
    What!? You Mean We?re Not King of the World!?
    Frequently Asked Questions About How It Really Can Happen Here
    Chapter 5
    Cashing in on Chaos: Cover Your Assets and Make Big Profits When the Bubbles Burst
    Chapter 6
    Gold (for people who hate gold)
    by financial bubble expert Eric Janszen
    Chapter 7
    Survive and Thrive: Find the Best Businesses and Jobs When the Bubbles Burst
    Chapter 8
    The View from 30,000 Feet: Our Bubblequake is Part of a Much Broader Evolution
    Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication:
    Financial crises -- United States.
    Debt -- United States.
    United States -- Economic conditions -- 2001-.
    Finance, Personal -- United States.
    Asset allocation -- United States.


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      Re: New Book: America's Bubble Economy

      One of the illustrious authors of "America's Bubble Economy" is interviewed at as the 2nd Hours Guest EXPERT for the broadcast dated 11/25/06, but it is available now--11/24/06.

      Whoever this guy Janzen is, he seems to know his stuff. Answered some rather hard questions rather glibly. Sounds as though he knows of what he is speaking. Only said "uh" a couple of times. Recommend listening to it, it brings Eric to life. I enjoyed it. Good job, EJ.
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        Re: New Book: America's Bubble Economy

        I've posted the following on my blog. Thought I'd give something back for all the value I've had from the Forums in this my first month being here. And heck, I might even get to sell a few copies of the book.

        Forum Pick of The Month

        Since launching this blog I need hardly tell you my surfing patterns have had to adapt to the job of finding the information needed to digest the subprime crisis and all things 'bubblenomic.' It's certainly become a dizzying learning experience (whether a successful one will be up to the judgement of others). It seems a worthwhile endeavour in any case to share the sources I am coming across and with that end I will try to present one source that I've found particularly rich each month.

        This month I am calling your attention to the iTulip Forums which appear on the website of the company of the same name founded by Eric Janszen, co-author with David Wiedemer, Robert Wiedemer and Cindy Spitzer, of America's Bubble Economy: Profit When It Pops. Although there is a premium area of this forum, there is plenty to be had from the free area, including regular commentary by Jansen, and additionally by the respected Investment Analyst & Portfolio Strategist, John Serrapere; Sean O'Toole of Granite Realty; Eric Hodges of Stahlschmidt Financial Group and many other writers with something valuable to say.

        As of this writing the Forums have had 6,911,843 visitors since Jan 1999.

        (I have no connection with iTulip other than as a public user, but I have added an Amazon link to the book mentioned above).

        Posted by D.D.Grant at 12:20 AM

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