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Starting this summer on Thursday (June 21st, 2007), we will be launching a new forum, Great Bank Deals You Want To Know About, accessible for iTulip Select subscribers.

Got some savings or 'rainy-day' fund you just don't want to take a chance with at all, but wish to bring some high-yielding return at the bank?

Everyone loves good deals but searching for them is a rather time consuming task. As rising money market and bank saving interest rates provide immense opportunity on returns for the first time in years, we thought it's worth shopping around for the best bank deals and financial institutions that offers top-yielding for your savings, and for the risk-averse investors out there.

The forum will be intended to be a place where iTulip Select members can share information on the latest deals with banks and financial institutions we have found. Examples deals this week -
  • Saving Account 6.00% APY Promotional Rate, No Minimum Required
  • 6.10% APY 60-Day Promo New eOne Checking Account With $25 Bonus, Rate Up To 5.30% APY

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* Articles and deals listed on this forum are for informational purpose only. They do not serve as investment advice or recommendation. iTulip is not affiliated with any bank or financial institutions posted on this site, nor guarantee the information or product's availability.