Updates to iTulip Crooks Currency Options:

Please note The iTulip Crooks Currency Options special offer is closed as of October 2007.
If you have any question, please email to forum@itulip.com


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Dear iTulip Members,

We are forming a new iTulip Crooks Currency Options Group. Registered iTulip community forum members who have signed up for the Crooks Currency Options service through iTulip.com are invited to join me in the Actionable Hedging Strategies #1 forum to discuss our experiences with the service–which trade recommendations have worked, which have not, and theories why. We will also track the value of the recommendations on net.

We have Crooks Currency Group's approval to form a group for this purpose. However, current recommended trades in force may NOT be discussed. Participants are reminded that they are bound by their agreement with the Crooks Currency Group when they signed up for the service.

If you are a Crooks Currency Options subscriber and want to join the group, please send a note to Fred who will verify that you are a Crooks Currency Options subscriber and add your name to the iTulip Crooks Currency Options Group. This will give you reading and posting privileges on the Actionable Hedging Strategies #1 forum.


Eric Janszen
Founder & President
iTulip, Inc.