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Global food inflation bites hard

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  • Global food inflation bites hard

    Originally posted by Dominus
    Global food inflation bites hard
    4 min vid by reuters

    We knew this was coming...

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    Re: Global food inflation bites hard

    Monsanto’s GMO global dominance


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      Re: Global food inflation bites hard

      Originally posted by Sapiens View Post
      The details... (hat tip to metalman)

      Dollar peg affecting UAE security: Panel
      Council (FNC), which advises the government, said yesterday the Gulf state's dollar peg was stoking inflation and fuelling discontent.
      Aamer Al Fahim, one of eight members from Abu Dhabi among the FNC's 40 members, said the UAE government should explain to the public why it remains committed to

      UAE panel studying currency reforms
      peg to the weak U.S. dollar as states across the world’s biggest oil-exporting region face soaring inflation. Rifts are growing among Gulf states preparing for monetary union on how to tackle inflation at a 27-year peak of 8.7 percent in Saudi Arabia, a 19-year high of 9.3 percent in the UAE and ju [more...]

      Saudi slashes import tariffs as inflation rate surges
      audi Arabia said it is cutting import tariffs on food and building materials from yesterday, after inflation in the world’s largest oil exporter almost doubled in the six months to February. The Saudi cabinet decided on Monday to cut duties on food products such as frozen poultry, dairy goods and [more...]

      Egypt rails against strike call
      being hit by an unprecedented wave of strikes and protests even from its own employees over soaring inflation and low pay. The UN’s World Food Programme said this month that average household expenditure in Egypt had risen by 50 percent since the start of the year.
      Liberal economic reforms and p

      Price rise makes ruling party jittery
      ment to bring down prices, rumblings are growing louder within the UPA. On top of a three-year high inflation at 7 percent, the unseasonal rainfall and its damage to rabi crops throughout the country is adding to the UPA government’s and its allies’ woes.
      The main worry is that any prolonged eco

      Rising inflation adds to Singh govt’s woes
      New Delhi • The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government’s headache over inflation that touched a record high yesterday intensified with its allies mounting pressure to bring down prices of essential commodities without any delay.
      “The situation is indeed alarming. We have to take immediate m

      Minister warns traders against hoarding
      wn heavily on traders hoarding essential commodities and earning profits in the backdrop of soaring inflation, Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath said here yesterday.
      “We will not hesitate to take the strongest possible measures, including using some of the legal provisions that we have a

      Pakistanis face food shortage
      lt in sharply higher flour prices in months ahead.
      The consumer price index, a key indicator of inflation, rose 11.25 percent in February from a year ago, mainly due to food prices. Due to the previous administration’s reluctance to reduce subsidies for food and fuel, the government is saddl

      Arroyo unveils $960m agriculture package
      The National Statistics Office said earlier yesterday that rising food prices helped push the March inflation rate to a 20-month high of 6.4 percent.
      It cited "upward movements in the prices of the heavily weighted food items such as rice, flour and flour products, cooking oil, selected spices

      Myanmar protester given life imprisonment

      enced an activist to life in prison for holding up placards calling for parliament to open and for inflation to be curbed, his lawyer said yesterday. Ohn Than, believed to be in his 60s, was arrested on August 23 after he stood outside the US embassy in downtown Yangon and silently held up his si [more...]

      Monetary union tops Doha talks agenda
      lan on track next week, but their meeting may highlight increasing fissures over currency reform as inflation soars, the dollar sinks and interest rates tumble.
      In the seven months since central bank chiefs of the six Gulf states last met, the dollar has plunged almost 14 percent against the eur

      Rising grain prices panic developing world
      demonstrators have taken to the streets to criticize the government for not doing enough to control inflation, is appealing to other countries for emergency supplies.
      Cambodian Finance Minister Keat Chhon last week called for people to be calm. He urged them “not to stock up on foods, which could

      Arab states hard hit by food price spiral

      their poorer cousins elsewhere in the Arab world are struggling with soaring energy and food bills. inflation has surged in Gulf countries, fuelled partly by lavish spending of record oil and gas revenues. This is also spurring demand for everything from housing to power and water. Gulf states with [more...]

      Cleaning house: law for domestic workers soon
      ration of domestic workers, including maids, is expected soon.
      Already weighed down by galloping inflation, limited-income Qatari households fear the legislation might force them to raise the salaries of domestic workers, putting them under increasing financial pressure.
      Hitherto, there is no

      Bangladeshis told to eat potatoes as rice prices soar
      rice from India by the end of May to sell below cost on the open market in a bid to ease the price inflation.
      One former minister warned earlier this month of a "silent famine" in the country, where 40 percent of the 144 million population live on a dollar a day and millions are still recover

      Philippines eyes Thai rice imports
      ks as it struggles to find rice at a time when exporting nations clamp down on sales to combat food inflation at home.
      "I think the 1.5 million metric tonnes from Vietnam will cover our needs but the timing of the delivery is important so if Thailand can assure that they can also deliver, that th

      Tougher times ahead for Chinese investors
      t crunch in the US converged with a series of domestic problems at home, spearheaded by a jump in inflation to a near 12-year monthly high of 8.7 percent in February. “There are three main areas: the worsening macroeconomic situation, followed by the tightening of credit and the slowdown in pro [more...]

      Eurozone inflation rate at new high
      st level since the bloc was formed in 1999, official data showed Monday, fuelling concerns of an “inflation spiral.”
      Soaring consumer prices, which came on top of slumping economic confidence, further complicates the European Central Bank’s task of holding a lid on inflation while trying to

      No excitement among voters as Italy gears up for elections
      a rather passive society.”
      To a grim economic backdrop, with recession looming and the highest inflation in a decade, some Italians appear to despair that either political camp can bring about improvements.
      “I’m not optimistic. Through my entire life I’ve heard the same things and I’ve seen


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        Re: Global food inflation bites hard

        So is Lukester right? Is this seemingly worldwide food due to supply shortage and growing demand?

        And if not, if it's due to inflation, how is it being transmitted across most currencies worldwide at the same time?


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          Re: Global food inflation bites hard

          i heard from some guys at Bunge that there's not much capacity left for new food production... please, any ag experts correct me if this is wrong.