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Google's Internet of Things, and what it means

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  • Google's Internet of Things, and what it means

    How The Internet Of Things Will Think
    Get smart devices speaking the same language and the Internet of Things still has a problem. What will they talk about?
    Brian Proffitt Brian Proffitt July 15, 2013

    As vendors, coders and users inch toward the smart-devices-everywhere future colloquially known as the Internet of Things, they're starting to address a whole bunch of nitty-gritty issues. For starters, there's the question of just how the various devices connected to the Internet of Things will talk to each other.

    Beyond that, though, lies an even larger challenge. Which is, once we've got devices on the Internet of Things speaking a common language, what in the world are they actually going to say to one another?

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    And here is a clop from a presentation at the DICE 2010 Summit describing what some of those "things' might be and how they might be utilized.

    - Cereal boxes with screen
    - Soda cans with Wi-fi
    - Tatoos with Adsense
    - REM in-ear entertainment
    - Sensors that sense our emotions
    - Gov't rewards for supporting political candidates
    - Eye sensors that track our reading

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