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Elon Musk - The next Steve Jobs on steroids?!

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  • Elon Musk - The next Steve Jobs on steroids?!

    You've all heard of Paypal, you've probably heard of Tesla Motors - the first car company to produce 100% electric vehicles capable of 200 miles of travel before recharging and whose cars priced between $50K-$100K are faster than a Porche; you may have heard of SpaceX - The first privately funded commercial company to launch a rocket into orbit, and who is now contracted by NASA to service the International Space Station and who's CEO aims to build a human space colony on Mars; and possibly (or not) you might have heard of SolarCity, one of the USA's largest solar panel companies recently awarded a top 50 spot in the world's most inovative companies by FastCompany. Last but not least you may not yet heard of Halcyon Molecular, an agressively ambitious biotech company aiming to cure complex human diseases and focusing on significantly prolonging the human life span.

    What do all these companies have in common? Well, they all have the same CEO - Elon Musk, a 40 year old South African immigrant living in the USA. (edit: Elon sold Paypal to Ebay in 2002, so no longer CEO there). If there was ever a for EJ's TECI economy.. Elon Musk is that man.

    Bloomberg has just put out a 27 minute documentary profiling the life thus far of Elon Musk. Enjoy! :-)
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