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JP Morgan in big trouble???

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    Re: JP Morgan in big trouble???

    Originally posted by jtabeb View Post
    NO I AM not calling for MORE moral relativism. But I do not want to sacrifice our values either and we as a society have had a problem with Turning a Value judgment into a moral judgment.

    (Stealing is stealing, but YOU punish madoff differently, more harshly, than you punish the guy who stole bread to feed his family because the HARM inflicted and the number of people harmed is VASTLY different.)

    A moral code tells us what is right and wrong.
    Values allow us to determine a just remedy for an offense based on who/how many were harmed and how much harm was inflicted.

    That is my point.
    I think we are using different terms to describe the same point of view.
    Thanks for your clarifying comments; I agree with you.