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Now the most dangerous phase of the fiat money and credit cycle begins

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    Re: Now the most dangerous phase of the fiat money and credit cycle begins

    KGW - You might recognize that in the top diplomatic colleges around the world (the reputable ones that is) the kind of National Enquirer stuff you are touting here as being the driving force of Israeli foreign policy would not get you past first semester? This stuff would make your thesis a laughingstock of serious political analysis of modern Israel, let alone any other country in the region.

    Much more to the point, it's directly offensive to an entire nation. You are resorting to "ad hominem" attacks against the "legitimacy" of an entire nation old sport. Imagine us developing theses about Ghana, or Trinidad, or Monaco, or the Republic of Guinea-Bissau which painted them as evil schemers bent on stealing all of their neighbor's property and lands? A bystander observing that exercise would be repelled.

    This is not an ad hominem attack on you. To suggest anyone disagreeing with your overheated thesis is engaging in an attack on you is further delusion. Disagreement with your thesis suggests rather, that the assertions you are celebrating here have an element of gutter oriented mud and slime slinging towards an entire nation's inherent morality in it. Really, it's a bit steep. Are there any other nations in the world you feel this vehemently outraged about? If not, why is your vivid concern so narrowly focused on this one?

    Be less naive perhaps. Take note of the virulent nationalists in dozens of other countries, and then meditate for a little while on why it is the Israeli nationalists who you find so gripping, while you routinely ignore the Turkish ones, the German ones, the British ones, or the American ones. Got a bee in your bonnet perhaps?

    Originally posted by KGW View Post

    Itzhak Shamir, PM of Israel, Stern Gang/LEHI member. Menachem Begin, PM of Israel, IRGUN member.

    For your further edification. It is unfortunate that you resort to ad hominem and unsupported statements, but that is your choice.