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  • Tesla Battery Day

    Failed to produce ANYTHING that he has not already promised YEARS ago..........

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    Mind you


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      Merc shipping Solid state Battery Buses:-


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        Reading between the lines, he NO Solid State battery, He trys to muddy the water ref Power & Capacity of his "New Cells"........his new cells appear to be Lithium iron phosphate that CATL already produce, 20%cheaper but 20% less energy dense. The rest is pure Waffle but he had to tone down the lies because Nikola going down means he be watched much more closely.

        He needs to build "Model 3 Pleb" a Model 3, built using slave labour in China using Cheap(er) CATL LIP battery & a cheap low tec motor (No Rare Earths) 0-60 in 7-8 ses 112 mph "Limited" Top speed..........get it under 30 K & he get also sorts of grants & Tax breaks.........


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          The French/Germans want to go Hydrogen fuel cell as does Japan/South Korea.............Le Mann 24 hour race will allow Fuel Cell cars from 2024 on...........


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            For $30,000 :-

            its amazing what you can build when you have slave labour & steal IPR's !
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              Oh He IS a Tesla owner!


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                AS for Musk i sense the tide is turning, he not even face lifted his cars!

                Riding off in all directions, public mood seeing him in a differant light.......No longer "David" fighting those nasty C02 car producing monsters!

                He brands him self a "Disruptor" well the tables are getting turned..........Ecom has crashed not many have cash to piss away on badly made cars. Leasing firms will NOT want to lease out his cars & get KILLED on 2nd hand resale values. Insurance company want a LOT to cover them!

                He killed sales of his more expensive models by model 3, The "Wolf pact" of German car produces now have his scent....Merc is already shipping Solid state battery!!!!



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                  Tesla has had a complete, worldwide network outage, leaving owers unable to connect with their cars, whatever that means.


                  Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


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                    At lest he knows what coming now.........if Merc offer Ev's next year with early Solid State battery tec he toast