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Trump:- Its looking Good

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  • Trump:- Its looking Good

    They handing him the win!

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    Re: Trump:- Its looking Good

    There is an underlying mathematical symmetry to all of this.

    The 60’s/70’s protest movements went something like this:

    1,000,000 participate peacefully in 1 protest
    100,000 participate peacefully in 2+ protests
    10,000 participate in disruptive protest activities
    1,000 participate in destructive protest activities
    100 participate in violent protest activities
    10 participate in anything up thru and including intentional murder/terrorism

    It's like the decimal/metric system for the continuum from non-violent protest to violent revolution.

    The 10 was Baader Meinhoff, Red Army Faction, Action Directe, and Weathermen/Weather Underground.


    The environment today includes instantaneous 1 to infinity content distribution.

    Which means the above still applies, but it also works in reverse:

    1 person broadcasts compelling content, intentionally or unintentionally, that results in.....

    .....1,000 to 1,000,000 changing their vote


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      Re: Trump:- Its looking Good

      110% agree
      Here how the DNC USED to do it!

      Charming, well spoken lady makes ALL the points that the "WOKE/SJW" crew would today but in an intelligent manor.....without threatening anyone!


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        Re: Trump:- Its looking Good

        I think it was jk who made this observation, that co-operation and eventually civility in congress went down the tubes when they got rid of earmarks. Everybody hated earmarks, but it turns out they were the grease for the wheels. "I scratch your district's back, you scratch my district's back."

        Without earmarks, representatives coudn't justify voting for anything favored by the "other" party, and the political climate totally polarized into "them vs us" with zero incentive to compromise. And now civility is totally gone. They think they can only score points and win by fighting. Listen to all the campaign rhetoric about how so-and-so is going to FIGHT for you. How so-and-so is a FIGHTER.

        I'm sick of fighting. I want them to say they will WORK for me.

        Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


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          Re: Trump:- Its looking Good


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            Re: Trump:- Its looking Good


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              Re: Trump:- Its looking Good


              Am simply SHOCKED by how clueless the DNC is...........Trump might die in office, laughing at them.