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Mega's update from "Fightclub"

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  • Mega's update from "Fightclub"

    ..Busy Busy Busy

    My Manager is off, he going to America to be our "link" with our twin orgazation in the US. I must say i miss him. Jim was without doubt the lazy-zest person i ever worked with...i have been awe struck just how totally use-less he is.

    The 6 month posting is likely to be the last we see of him, the civil service will find him another when he returns. He has been "GOOD" for me because he been locked in combat with "Tim" whom is NEVER here much i been left alone.

    As you might expect as an ex-engineer thrown into a desk job (& a desk job in the civil service at that) was rather like being thrown under a bus. Its a strange world, office politics...something i never had to deal with before.

    My performance has improved some what, but still lacking in a few area's. My telephone skills are limted, but getting there. Steve my new manger is good, i worked on & off with him over the last 3 months so i know he is a safe pair of hands.

    Its hard for me to talk too much about my work, but i can say more agency work (other gov depts) are coming to us for help. Sadly one of the main data bases i use is playing up.....

    It works ok most days but with was NEVER intended to do what is being asked of it, some days it runs slow......other it just stops!

    We have limted IT staff on site.....we have on off site help desk. They are not too bad on some systerms, but very poor on others.....i had one hell of a row with them this week when i tried to report a fault & the BASTARD refused to help much.

    I have been told that i am thought of as "nice & laid back"...but with odd strange outbursts. My reaction to the TSA "pat down" of the little 5 year girl was noted....& my call to have the TSA beheaded!

    I have also been watched by the head of another dept at the other end of the floor. It seems the female wants man power & given the tight choice she wants me. I have no wish to work for this woman..........& its nothing to do with the fact she is a Lesbo & shagging her "pa"........she works at the airport & has the upsetting habbit of coming into our place in her BLACK uniform. I diss-like uniforms by enlarge & VERY much dislike BLACK ones!

    Both my Grandfathers (God rest their souls) told me to watch out for them in the furture, both fought people in Black uniforms, my gandfather from Ireland was VERY keen that warning having been involed in "Irish-politics" in his younger days ;)

    Anyway got a washing machine to fix.......