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Mega's "Fightclub" update.............

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  • Mega's "Fightclub" update.............

    Mega’s update from “Fightclub”…..

    Gee being part (a very small part) of the military industrial complex is tiring but also rewarding. Life on the Duty desk is now mostly sorted, in that Mega has “reconfigured” the office to suit himself.

    1st of all I found the best location, with the chair lowered & screens high I am effectively “cloaked” from passing eyes, but I have a great line of sight onto the floor.

    I was a bit put out yesterday when one of my fellow co workers suddenly decide to (shockingly) show some initiative & NICK my workstation. However Mega wouldn’t be Mega if this Serrano had not been foreseen & the required forward planning undertaken.

    Not saying what was done but another layer of log on security was added sometime ago & Mega “forgot” to mention this to “Bill”. After 3-4 hours & many a heated phone call to IT services he threw in the towel, only to discover that ALL his log on were now blocked on the system……. Mega will reclaim “his” workstation on Monday.

    Another little annoyance is people ringing me up, if I wanted that crap I would have worked in a call centre. The Phone system has what is called a “wandering call”………I short it dishes out the calls that come in a “fair” manor.

    Mega doesn’t do FAIR!

    I run a 140 mph car to have a VERY unfair advantage over the next guy, very much if he happens to be her husband & what to discuss the subject with Mega!

    The bloke next door works for BT (British telecom) whom installed the system…..Mega has now reprogrammed the system so Mega need NOT be disturbed again…………..

    So far, so good.

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    Re: Mega's &quot;Fightclub&quot; update.............

    What is Fight Club? Is it a new job? What do you do?


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      Re: Mega's &quot;Fightclub&quot; update.............

      I have been told NOT to discuss what work i undertake...........i work for a Goverment dept......i work with "Data" I have a number of screens on my desk that allow me to work from one data base to another......