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  • The boat launch (off topic)

    Okay, seriously, WTF is it with other trailer boaters at the boat launch? Seriously.

    Today I took the family and some friends to a small Puget Sound tourist trap. Always fun to boat over, the weather was sunny, the seas fine, and despite a few store fronts closed (in a town that never had retail vacancies so you know times are bad), it was a decent day. But...

    Getting out on the water I had to wait for one guy with a roughly 18-20 ft boat. he had two people helping him, and this lame brain seriously couldn't get his boat in the water. And when he finally had it backed down and in, it took him like 10 minutes to get it off the trailer. I could feel myself growing old as I watched this farse in action.

    However, it gets worse.

    I come back from the day of boating. There is one guy ahead of me waiting to get on a dock... maybe. I say maybe because he is taking pictyures of the dock area from his boat, and doing little circles around, has no fenders out, and as I approach he shows no indication of where he wants to go whatsoever. Now this particular boat launch has two lanes in, two lanes out. ALL the lanes are long enough with the current tide to hold three boats each.

    Anyway, on the two lanes out we have one guy in a pokey little 12' boat who is literally tied up at the far end of the dock. It is bad manners to pass the guy and dock further forward, but this mental midget has not figured out how to walk a boat I could probably carry forward far enough to let another boat get on the dock with him. But wait, there's more!

    On the other side of that dock, there is a guy with an old 20' Whaler who ALSO cannot figure out how to walk a boat forward. Instead he is unloading everyone and everything in just past the middle of the dock, leaving just enough room for me to slide in behind him carefully, but no more.

    Remember that guy spinning circles? well he looks like he is gonna leave thru one of the launch docks now, so I start sliding up into the little space behind the 20' Whaler moron. Mr. Spinner spins around his boat and in his best short, bald headed redneck voice yells at me "you need to wait your turn f**ker!". I look back at him and say "your're all over the place, how should I know what you're doing?". (I was VERY restrained due to company on the boat). So i turn out to circle back around, than Mr. Spinner goes onto the launch dock. What an ass. his boat was too big to get behind the whaler unless he was VERY good at docking, which obviously he was not.

    I pull in behind the 20' Whaler and this guy is STILL unloading his boat in the middle of the dock, only now someone has brought a trailer. So I get off, walk past him and his two buddies helping him get it all set up to pull, and get my own trailer. The kids have the boat to walk it forward, all is in good hands.

    Ten minutes later I am waiting for the Whaler to get out. The three of them are total f'n morons of the highest order. I have to wait ANOTHER ten minutes till they figure out how to put the thing on the trailer and pull it out. Seriously, i could do all this myself in 5 minutes flat, but than I am not a red-neck loser like any of these three and I know how to launch and pull a boat in a few minutes flat. Almost 25 minutes on the dock is simply way too long any way you look at it.

    SO.. we are off the saltwater and I head home. Along the way I hit a freshwater launch to flush the motor and give the back end of the trailer a quick dunk to get the salt off. This launch has ONE dock, and only one side to laucnh unless you go straight into the water without the dock, which is all I need to do. The launch area is wide enough for 2.5 boats.

    I wait for a guy on the water side to get out, and meanwhile another guy backs up to pull his daysailer of about 14' or so. The boat is small, the trailer barely larger than a jet ski trailer. THIS moron manages to back his trailer practically down the middle of the boat lauch area into the water. He is missing the dock by at least 6-8'. By now I am really tired of these kinds of idiots, so I go right ahead and back down next to him, with about 1.5' between us. this guy looks genuinely amazed I am capable of passing him. No words are spoken. He later just barely wedges into his drivers side door and pulls away.

    Seriously, wtf is it with these people. It is not that hard to back a boat in the water or pull one out. It is certainly not that hard to pull your boat forward so someone else can get on the dock with you, and the whole redneck, bald-headed tough guy attitude really wears thin quickly. I could take that guy out in one punch.

    Okay, that's it, I vented and feel better.

    Any BTW, my boat is a 19' Whaler with an 8' beam. In case anyone is wondering.

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    Re: The boat launch (off topic)

    I love boats......the best kind of boats are other people's boats......especially those of friends

    Backing a trailer and small boat handling skills seem to be something in short supply.

    I learned how to back a trailer and handle a small boat well before I ever got my car license...but I have to admit to being better with boats than trailers.

    It's not hard, but as you know it takes a bit of practice.

    Unfortunately, there is no licensing requirement or training classes for "consideration of others".


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      Re: The boat launch (off topic)

      I know less than zero about boats. I was contemplating buying a barge:

      these things are absolutely astonishing floating mansions. See some of the pictures:

      This one costs about as much as a 2 bedroom apartment. I have terrible fear of my barge sinking :-)
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