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Riots and the worst in all of us

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  • Riots and the worst in all of us

    I have put this here in I've Lost My Mind Just Now, because when I see all the energy being spent, especially the attempt to teach someone why they are wrong about their perception of the root causes of crime, I lose my mind. The writing is clear and better than mine for sure. But I still lose my mind.

    People commit crimes. White collar, violent, shoplifting, looting, tax cheating. Any number of crimes are committed mostly because we are too weak to control ourselves.

    Then the ideas begin about how to stop this or that type of crime. As if crime was something new. As if there are sociatal answers to the problems of man. The problem of man is he has no control. History shows us man as he was, as he is, as he will continue to be.

    The Fisherman and His Wife