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Jack Abramoff - "different data set"

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  • Jack Abramoff - "different data set"

    I have noticed that
    Jack Abramoff

    I does not have his own thread. Did miss it somewhere.

    Any way, I happened on this on DailyKos and must say it is very good post. Gives you some insite that is worth its weight in Gold (and go up).

    As I talked with Jack about the CNMI he said something that has stuck with me. He was acknowledging the work he did to oppose my friend and the sweatshop workers, but added:
    "At the time I was operating with a different data set than her, but upon reflection her data set may have been more accurate."
    That explains a lot—not only about Jack, but of the entire modern wingnut, so-called conservative, TeaBagger, griffter movement. It is all about the willful embrace of a pre-packaged "data-set" as truth—as reality. And it is all about defending that "data-set" against any evidence to the contrary.
    Blacks are inferior, Mooslims want to kill us all, brown people are lazy and scary, Democratz is socilispts, science is a myth, ignorance is strength... once a belief—regardless of any facts to the contrary—is added to the data-set, then it becomes Gospel. The wing-nut data-set is sacred and any action is justified if it protects the data-set.
    Every now and then, reality has a way exposing the wingnutopia data set to sunlight—to truth—and then it melts. Jack's trip to prison was a moment like that. I imagine that the recent TeaBagger expulsion of Bob Inglis has shaken the 'data-set' of the soon-to-be-former Congressman as well. These days I post most of my musings over at Balloon-Juice and my gracious host there was another who moved to an embrace of reality when he took a good look at the data-set that he used to swear by. There have been many others.


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    Re: Jack Abramoff - "different data set"

    Jack was a realist, an old school lobbyist with a nose for the big dough. Influence peddler, bagman extraordinaire. Putting Jack in a room with the Tea Baggers is right out of Guys and Dolls- the Mob meets the Salvation Army


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      Re: Jack Abramoff - "different data set"

      Jack is a scum bag :-)