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why the iraq war is over

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  • why the iraq war is over

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    Re: why the iraq war is over

    Can you explain what he means by "9/11 is a lie"? I went to but all they do is sell DVDs. Can you give me the Cliff Notes?


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      Re: why the iraq war is over

      The war in Iraq is over when all of Iraq's oil has been extracted by US companies and sold with a profit to the western world.
      The war in Iraq is over when the money spent to get the oil has been earned back by the US and it's allies.
      This isn't about Saddam, or weapons of mass destruction, this is about the one commodity the western civilisation can't do without, Oil.

      This is also about geopolitics, containing Russia and aiding Israel.
      To bad you can't sell these views to the public so you invent a war on terrorism. In the end one way or the other don't make any difference as long as you keep access to oil and the resulting most wanted commodity of all ; POWER !
      This is not only about the US but also about all the other western nations.
      The US do (almost all of ) the fighting and the rest of the western world help out where they can (supporting the USD for instance).

      In other words just good old fashioned colonialism sold under false flag.
      The world may look different from a hundred years ago but isn't really.


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        Re: why the iraq war is over

        Go to Look in the left hand column -- you should be able to get a good overview.