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Not a Return, But At Least a Hello

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  • Not a Return, But At Least a Hello

    Just wanted to come back here now that I'm in a much better place mentally and say hello. When I left it was not on the best of terms, which was a combination of events on the forum and my own severe personal troubles. Since then, I've forgotten about all the arguments. And I've greatly changed my life. For instance, I am now realizing a dream that I felt was denied to me: becoming a woman. So I am in the process of transitioning and hope to be fully transitioned within six months. I'll also be moving to a big city this year to forge a new life.

    Even though I've put all those shenanigans behind me, I don't think this is a very healthy site to visit. All of the fearmongering that has occurred on here over the years simply paralyzed me and I think significantly curtailed my own development. I just wanted to step in and say hello. I hope you are all doing okay.