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  • TruTouch Product Vaguely Referenced

    Putting this in Rant and Rave because it's a personal anecdote.

    I recently took an on-line defensive driving course and, in the training materials on the alcohol and driving, came across this interesting paragraph:
    Most people are familiar with the technology that has already been developed which requires the driver to blow into a mouthpiece to provide a breath sample and, if the device detects an illegal BAC, the vehicle's engine won't start. If this antilock device is used, it is typically used in conjunction with repeat offenders. However, there is a new technological innovation that has been developed recently. This device uses infrared light to scan the driver's skin in order to obtain the driver's blood alcohol level. The presumptive theory is that if the BAC level is above certain limits, the driver will either receive a warning from the device or the device will prevent the vehicle's engine from being started.

    While not mentioned by name, the new device can only be the TruTouch product. I'm not sure if this is a positive for TruTouch or if it's a matter of no consequence. However, I am surprised to see mention of a product (the TruTouch in-dash testing device) that isn't even available yet by a entity that's regulated by government.