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The Rule of Law

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  • The Rule of Law

    Where has it gone? Was it ever here? We see celebrations of another state assasination across borders, yet no capture-trial-conviction-punishment process?

    Just sayin'
    It's Economics vs Thermodynamics. Thermodynamics wins.

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    Re: The Rule of Law

    Was it ever here?
    During my lifetime, mostly as a propaganda tool.


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      Re: The Rule of Law

      I don't really get worked up over a great power, in this case the world's hegemon, acting that way. They always have and they always will. To think of a state as having a moral compass dictating policy would be new ground indeed. Historically the brake on international bad behavior has been rival states, often ending in war.

      All of my life I've lived in the American Imperium and benefited from that position of great power and wealth. (I never had great power and wealth but with hard work and a decent noggin, one could "get ahead".) It was wonderful but to pretend it didn't come at a rather severe price for those outside the motherland is feigned ignorance or simply stupidity.

      Where I am concerned is in our domestic freedoms. As the oligarchy becomes increasingly all powerful, the leverage of the other classes begins to disappear in the larger court of law. Younger people and families should consider moving elsewhere for a awhile. The future is indeed troubling.