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A "Short" cut too many? (Tesla-model PLEB)

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  • A "Short" cut too many? (Tesla-model PLEB)

    Given Tesla's already piss poor rep for build Q & customer service, youtube footage of glass roofs falling out, suspension fails, poor panel gaps, & Promise by Eletric Jesus that his cars will cure cancer, fly & save the world...........major troubles now ahead.

    The "Old" car producers, you know the ones that know HOW TO BUILD cars, well their 1st stabs at EV's are here.......some wide of the mark, some very close. Suddenly VW ID3 is taking major market share & suddenly in Europe Model 3 sales are crashing hard!

    I could list all the problems ahead, but lets look at what i think will prove to be a KILLER for Tesla.........the new Model 3 PLEB.

    LFP is Lituim iron Phospate (Bad spelling i know but its late)..........its NO WHERE near as engery dense as normal stuff (140 kwh/kgs v 225). Also the battery pack is coming from CATL a China battery producer, NOT PANASOINC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chalk V Cheese late father once bought i replacement battery for his lap top......the battery was 7 years old & he replaced it with China effort..............lasted 7 months.

    Given that Musk is about to lose his C02 credit income from other car producers, he himself has said Tesla needs to cut costs!

    When we all look back we see he should have NEVER done the model 3...............he should have made HIGH end cars/suv's/trucks........

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