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      Denmark attempted a law permitting forced vaccinations, giving police power to restrain people in order to inject them. Protests forced them to abandon that plan:

      Airlines and Ticketmaster are considering plans to refuse people access unless they can show digital proof that they've been vaccinated.

      My chiropractor walks with crutches and braces on his legs, thanks to the Swine Flu vaccine giving him Guillain-Barre when he was a little boy.

      Instead of instructing the immune system to attack a specific virus, the Pfizer vaccine uses mRNA to create a widespread immune response. There has never been a vaccine like this. There are no long-term studies showing if it's safe. Human guinea pigs rushed into taking this vaccine run a real risk of developing autoimmune disease.

      The so-called "covid long-haulers" already have post-viral syndrome, a form of auto-immune disease. A vaccine of this type could very well cause such a condition. Has it been tested on people with autoimmune diseases? I doubt it.

      Until this vaccine has been trialed for years and found to be safe in the long-term, they'll have to kill me before I take it.

      Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.