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Car Producers are crying

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  • Car Producers are crying

    In Short after the sh1t you caused with your "Defeat devices" & those who suffered because of it You can Eat Sh1t & Die Bastards!
    400 for an oil change on a Golf GTi !!!!!!!!!
    DSG Gearboxes that break after 6 years & require 6,000 to repair!

    Look dumbasses, the goverment does not give a sh1t about your business model or the needs to your share holders. They know their currency is going to crash & burn & they simply can not & will not pay to import YET more oil for you "personal transporters" .............with 39 million said cars on the UK roads the powers to be have (rightly) thought its about time to "Cull" about 50% of them.

    Ok, "Outer party members" will be allowed low performance Transport, INNER PARTY MEMBERS will get Fast stuff.


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    Let mega design it for you............

    Your only going to be able to afford a 40 Kw battery pack so we need to reduce drag to small as something like the EV1 but bigger a bit with 4 doors + rear hatch.

    Battery Tec?
    LFP type, no Rare earths 25% cheaper but 20% less engery dense

    Look Assh0les this is what Plebs used to drive back in the day


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        All they need:-