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Probably The Biggest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed

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  • Probably The Biggest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed

    Everyone needs to watch this.

    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich "Probably The Biggest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed"

    This is the embed link which might work if the first does not.

    If you can, watch it right through, as they seem to be not allowing anyone to return to watch it again. It is a German Lawyer reading out the complete legal case against the pandemic . . . which completely destroys the pandemic. You will all be able to join the class action and claim damages and is being actioned world wide.

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    I must confess i spent a lot of late nights trying to work out WHY they doing this?
    Back in the 70's or 80's or 90's .........if anything was said to the people it would have been along the lines of a "Its a bad flu type, older people & those with Health issues need to take care".

    That would have been it!

    While trying to avoid going full "Alex Jones" i run though the options:-

    Peek Oil
    Coming WW3
    Currancy Reset

    While they sure as hell trying to use the Virus to help along those lines it just doesn't match.......i mean "They" just do all that without all this virus nonesense

    So, what is going on?

    I feel that they have a piece of information or they think they know something...............which they not telling us.



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      Here's another link. This one can be downloaded using Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express with Firefox.

      I think it's a matter of powerful people all finding this virus to be a handy excuse to further their various agendas. The Climate Change agenda is, to a large extent, a cover for depopulation, and as governments go broke they're going to need to:

      A. tax the life out of us in order to keep functioning a little longer... and
      B. control their populations to keep from being overthrown.

      The Climate Change agenda wants to eliminate cars, commuting and fossil fuels... for a start. Also throw in the elimination of meat and population control. Covid19 gives them a way to destroy businesses and keep people at home, giving them minimal UBI instead of a job.

      The most effecient way to control us is to break our species' primary, instinctual social bonds (mandatory masks and social distancing), and create such a climate of fear that people will voluntarily commit themselves to house arrest. It seems to be working.

      The most efficient way to tax us is by making currency 100% digital and taking the tax directly off the top of every transaction.

      By convincing people that physical cash is an unsanitary disease vector, they now have the perfect excuse to make cash illegal and switch to digital currency. Governments and the Masters of Big Tech stand to profit enormously from this. The EU and the Fed are moving to make digital currency the norm.

      The Fed has been talking about printing new money for the next round of relief and depositing it directly into digital wallets, thereby bypassing the Treasury and banking system. The money will have to be spent electronically, which will be monitored and taxed directly. Big Tech will take a cut from every transaction.

      Most people will enjoy their "free" UBI until they realize that if they speak out against the system or resist in any way, POOF! their digital account has been emptied.

      Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


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        This is MAJOR
        Sue Cook is a VERY well respected ex BBC person.


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          First time I had come across Anna Brees, this is even better, (regardless of sometimes bad audio.


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              Bit "Alex Jones"...............put try this:-
              West goes bust in 2008, China bales them out BUT there are strings attached..........
              The West agrees ........then stabs China in the back
              China returns the favour .....knowing this WILL Break the banks.........



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