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  • Flame out!

    its a term used by pilots when their jet or Turbofan engine stops working...........they have to try a restart very quickly.

    Well here in blighty the econmey just flamed out.

    Jag/landrover 4,500 jobs (just the start)
    Ford "Thousands" (no details yet)
    the worse xmas retail in 10 + years
    All the business data is bad, VERY bad

    Throw in France Italy etc...........
    Canada housing crashing
    Oz housing crashing

    UK House debt at totally insane & unsubstainable levels............rates already at historic low's

    Folk, this is it!
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    Re: Flame out!

    Originally posted by Mega View Post
    Canada housing crashing
    Canada housing correcting to market levels (FIFY). Crashing is way overstated. Canada, at ~68%, has a higher homeownership rate than the USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, et al ... every country has a certain percentage of people who will always over-leverage themselves for their dreams. Corrections are healthy & our housing market needs it. Until my Thread "The Elusive Canadian Housing Bubble" suffered the iTulip glitch ... it was one of the longest running (and most commented upon) Threads here.


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      Re: Flame out!

      its coming, the ass of a PM of yours will crash & burn baby!