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    Re: No, we can't?

    Originally posted by mememonkey View Post
    I am fully prepared to be Gore'd for my bull baiting pursuits.

    Oh the irony, that an Oscar Wilde Wielding Weenie should try to outlaw Sodomy and other crimes of the flesh and deny me my god given right to bullbait, You sir, are no cynic worthy of my flame. And this meddling after my nemesis, RJRJr and I had reached a tentative detente. (based on his pending capitulation)

    Thats right Metalman, I'm coming for you and your chief cynic title. ;)

    Pending capitulation!? You are delusional. When I said I was starting to like you I meant along the lines of how I don't mind the gas I get after over-indulging in a loaded Chicago-style pizza.

    Does that put our relationship back on track? I don't want you too focused on Metalman, he has important opinions to espouse. Not having his breadth of knowledge, I'm basically here to instigate and agitate those that take the bait. Yes, I have you at my mercy as you are unwilling to resist the urge to reply in an ego-centric effort at one-upsmanship. Your move.
    "...the western financial system has already failed. The failure has just not yet been realized, while the system remains confident that it is still alive." Jesse