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  • That 70's Show: Mexico

    It's been three weeks since our Presidential change of regime down here in the old Anahuac, albeit the steps taken in the five previous months were a show of what it is beggining now. I opened this thread over here since this is a subject that has been going for a very long time. First, due to us being colonial subjects to the Spanish Crown, being obliged to be serfs on our own country... I remember that in the 1767 decree that the Spanish Crown used to expell the Jesuist Priests it read "Los subditos del gran Monarca que ocupa el trono de Espaņa deben saber que nacieron para callar y obedecer y no para discurrir ni opinar en los altos asuntos del gobierno." (The subjects of the great Monarch that occupies the Spanish Throne must know that they were born to remain silent ant obey, not to discuss or having an opinion on the high affairs of government.), later, we were subdued under the power of the Catholic church, that dared to condemn those that attempted to fight invasions and wars against our independence as a country. If that wasn't enough we were under two authoritaian regimes, a 34 year long dictatorship and a 70 year long single party regime, both with mixed results.

    This serf mentallity, that was imposed since the Spanish Conquest, arises every now and then within the Spanish Speaking Countries, namely, those that were part of the Spanish Empire. We have aspired to be independent and prosperous countries since the 1500s, but culturally we were formed under a subject ideollogy, be it in our government form or in the religious culture. By now it is impossible to name a Spanish speaking country that has not been at some time or another under an authoritarian regime, or that hasn't flirted with the ideas of Marxism, Socialism or Comunism...

    The idea that we were opening to the world, to use our background and the resilence learnt throug decades of crisis sorting, could help us compete as equals to almost any other society in this planet. The idea that finally we were ready to overcome our ostracism, to finally cut the ties that prevented us to emerge as a prosperous and trascendent economy was strong enough that many of us really beleived that this century was finally going to be our golden century.

    It seems that the enchant of the paternallistic ideas that held us back in the 70's not only arised again, they are back stronger and more twisted than when they were applied the last time. We thought that the opening on the democracy and the economy, built with independent institutions and support to enterpeneurship were ideas that would keep us away from the mediocre regimes that aspired to turn our country into "Leaders of the Third World"...

    As I said before. This is just the beginning. It was good to be taken into account as newcomers to the developed world... Now if you excuse us, we are retreating back to the ostracism that the miopy of our current government seems to be taking us to.

    Thanks for your attention.

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    This is solely the opinion of the person behind ocelotl nickname. Feel free to move this thread to wherever it seems better positioned.
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