View Full Version : Recourse for improper personal financial management?

12-17-08, 08:10 AM
I am in an unfortunate situation with my (former) financial managers. I believe they did not follow my instructions and am unsure as to the recourse I have.

Does anyone have advice where to go after reaching a dead end trying to work things out with them directly?

- Is there a regulatory agency I can appeal to or report them to?
- What sort of lawyer would I need to determine possible legal actions?

Any help greatly appreciated.

- Art

12-17-08, 08:46 AM

FINRA - they were once the NASD - they handle Mediation and Arbitration of disputes between Brokers/Money Managers.


I suspect they probably have a BIG Back log of business at the Moment.


04-17-10, 11:10 PM
if they have any kind of professional license you can complain to the licensing body

Some professional societies have strict ethical guidelines but many will only investigate whether the accused followed generally accepted professional standards and codes.

You probably won't get any money out of this but they could lose their license to practice that profession in the licensing state.

In Other Words, YMMV.

04-18-10, 02:26 AM
better have everything in writing and contemporaneous if you do...