View Full Version : Resources for beginners?

11-12-08, 11:25 PM

I read iTulip daily, but lacking formal economic education I have some difficulty wrapping my brain around some of the concepts. Especially wrt the bond market.

It seems like there should be a sticky in the Education sub-forum that collects basic educational resources for people like me who struggle to connect the iTulip dots.

Bonds and the bond market blow my mind. Is there any generally-recommended, iTulip-approved, crash course on the bond market?

I was talking with a friend of mine who has a bloomberg "device" or whatever and has access to real-time trading data. He forwarded me a screen capture of current t-bill maturities and rates (or something - the screen grab's columns had no headings). Anyway - he was telling me that yields on bills are still reasonably low because there's still enough demand via "flight to safety/quality". But bid/cover ratios are very low, so there's not really much demand. Just enough to keep rates low. Or something.

I sort of understood this (and somehow his screen grab data explained this) but our discussion made me realise that I need to get a much better understanding of this shit before trying to decipher actual data.