View Full Version : Kondratieff winter and inflation?

11-01-08, 06:32 AM
Kondratieff winter and inflation does that combination make any sense?


11-01-08, 08:26 AM
Does a Kondratieff winter make sense?

(I honestly don't know but would like to understand)

11-01-08, 07:28 PM
I think it's a crock. Different countries in the world in vastly different parts of their "Kondratieff Cycles" - USA vs. CHINA? USA vs. INDIA? Incomparable and nonsensical in terms of a unified cycle. World is increasingly a global village. They cancel each other out. Conclusion is "easy peasy parcheesy" to quote an archaic expression JK has used once or twice. Tulpen is a brilliant trader IMO. Maybe he's just beginning to explore the macro notions here about "Kondratieff". IMO in the 21st Century it is of limited utility. Quite obviously some countries are exhibiting bursting "springtime" type of strength yet their "business" is inextricable from older countries' "business".


October 29 - Bloomberg (Nipa Piboontanasawat): "China's wages in urban areas rose 18.3% in the first nine months of 2008 from a year earlier, the National Bureau of Statistics said. The average wage earned in the nine-month period climbed to 19,731 yuan ($2,889)..."