View Full Version : Rebate on commission you pay your broker / Forex only

10-23-08, 10:05 AM
CashBack (http://www.cashbackforex.com/?aid=155) is a rebate company and offers to pay clients 60% of the commissions they receive from your broker while others lag far behind paying only $1.00-$4.11 per standard round turn lot. Plus they are dedicated to being the top broker rebate company and will not hesitate to raise their payouts. All you have to do is trade with any of their qualified brokers, which range from industry leading ECNís like MB Trading to huge market makers like FXCM to spread betting companies like IG Index and you get a check, direct deposit, or Paypal funds at the end of the month based on your trading volume. This really cuts down on your transactions costs which affects your profitability.

Enjoy! :)