View Full Version : NASDAQ tech issues today?

09-29-08, 09:15 PM
I'm in over my head on this one, but thought it may be of interest to someone out there. A post from a gamer over at Shacknews who happens to work in the financial sector:

"Not trying to create another thread about the stock market insanity from today, but I do want to let everyone know what happened from a technical nature. Shortly after the announcement, NASDAQ's quoting system started to experience issues in their consolidated quoting system (their direct feed looked ok from my perspective). After that, they did what I thought would be unthinkable. They totally pulled their quotes and went completely dark. They were still accepting orders, and executing them, but that was it. This was totally unprecedented, and from a "Reg NMS" perspective (an SEC mandate that says everyone has to play by very specific rules) I have no idea how this will all be sorted out. Unbelievable. The system I'm responsible for, thankfully managed to withstand the intense market activity and ran mostly without issue for the rest of the day. "