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02-19-08, 01:00 AM
It is difficult to watch and learn what our own government, via outsourced shadow operations are capable of. For the idiots and self-deluded amongst our own citizenry, it is so much easier to assume that we as Americans are always right and just and that others who hate our nation are "evil" and have no justification for hating us. It's hard to hold such a position when you take the time to learn even just a little of the truth of the horrors we have wreaked throughout the world for our own greedy interests.

I don't ask anyone to do anything other than open your minds. Consider possibilities other than the drivel you're fed on your nightly news and the interest-laced punditry of cable news. Dig deeper! It's out there for anyone who wants to know.

1 hour 26 minutes

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11-05-11, 04:37 PM
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11-05-11, 04:57 PM
The super committee, who is haggling over how to hand SS and Medicare over to FIRE, are faced with an automatic trillion-plus budget cut if they end in stalemate. A special bill that would bypass any Pentagon cuts is in the making.

11-06-11, 09:47 AM
Bill Moyers: Our Politicians Are Money Launderers Not Too Different from Tony Soprano (http://www.alternet.org/story/152949/bill_moyers%3A_our_politicians_are_money_launderer s_not_too_different_from_tony_soprano?page=entire)

November 2, 2011 |
The following is a transcript of a speech delivered by Bill Moyers at the 40th anniversary celebration of Public Citizen, the legendary nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1971 to represent consumer interests in government.