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01-07-08, 11:49 PM
Anthrax-The biggest smoking gun of all? (http://www.opednews.com/articles/genera_jimd3100_080104_anthrax_the_biggest_.htm)

The Terrorist attack you are supposed to forget...

What do you think about that terrorist attack that occurred in the U.S. involving WMD? Whenever I ask somebody that they don't know what I'm talking about. Which is what they are supposed to do. It served its purpose. I am talking about the Anthrax letters, which killed several people, and was a textbook example of state sponsored terrorism. Anthrax is a WMD isn't it? Isn't that why we've killed hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq? Because Saddam Hussein didn't have a stockpile of anthrax but since it was claimed he did by our government that was good enough, to go kill, invade, and stay there?

The anthrax attacks and the terrorist attack of 9/11 are part of the same event. The only way you can possibly separate the two is if you believe a person was watching his TV on 9/11 and suddenly realized that the anthrax he had been making in his multi million dollar bioweapons research facility and was coincidently just now being perfected for delivery can now be sent out and blamed on anti Israel anti-American Muslim fanatics. That is a bit far fetched I think you would have to agree. Take a look at the actual anthrax letters themselves:

http://www.fbi.gov/pressrel/pressrel01/102301.htm and

"The anthrax letters attack was classic terrorism in that rather than designed to kill as many people as possible, was designed to terrorize as many people as possible. The choice of a variety of media as targets seems to have been cleverly designed to ensure a broad spectrum of publicity about the attacks. The choice of Senators Daschle and Leahy suggests that the perpetrator may lean to the political right and may have some specific grudge against those Senators.” {b}

"This is next" the letters say. "We have this anthrax,” another states. The President of the United States was telling us the same thing wasn't he? That the next wave of attacks would be wmd, by these crazy terrorists, and Saddam has this anthrax? But lets get real now. These terrorists that G Bush is warning us about are NOT the ones who actually attacked us with WMD. So who did? Who are the real terrorists? It isn't hard to figure out.

Every letter says 9-11-01, which BTW is the western (American) style of writing dates, and is showing its link with the event. The first letter was mailed on 9-18-01. This is absolute proof, that the anthrax letters and 9/11 are part of the same event. "In my opinion, there are maybe four or five people in the whole country who might be able to make this stuff, and I'm one of them," said Richard O. Spertzel, chief biological inspector for the U.N. Special Commission from 1994 to 1998. "And even with a good lab and staff to help run it, it might take me a year to come up with a product as good." {a} I think he might be a little off, in his estimate of 4 or 5 people but not much, according to a former defense scientist the number of defense scientists with hands-on anthrax experience and the necessary access is under 50. {b} That should narrow the suspects down if the evidence points in this direction and it clearly does.

There was only one week between Sept 11 and Sept 18, when the first two letters (and probably another letter, never found, to AMI) were postmarked. This suggests that the anthrax was already in hand, and the attack largely planned, before Sept 11. {b} The perpetrator was ready before Sept. 11 and simply took advantage of the likelihood that Sept. 11 would throw suspicion on Muslim terrorists.

02-10-08, 11:45 AM
I thought it was general knowledge that the strain of Anthrax used in the letters has been genetically sequenced and was traced to a US lab in Fort Detrick. What I remember from a program on Dutch TV was that the FBI had narrowed the source of the specific strain down to 3 US scientists, but were advised to stop further investigations, as it could effect national security.
Later I read somewhere that this might have been related to the issue that one of these scientist holds patents on how to weaponize the stuff and legal proceedings might disclose sensitive information.

I think it was hypothesized that it was probably an action of one person.The story was that some people at Fort Detrick were quite disgruntled that their bio-program was being cut in funding. Reportedly the funding of bio-weapon programs was reinstated and then some after the attacks.

02-10-08, 01:18 PM
I think its amazing how this story has completely dropped off the national radar and media. I remember the feelings of hysteria it generated at the time. Doesn't speak well for transparency and openness. Looks like it will get relegated to the arena of conspiracy theory.

02-10-08, 02:19 PM
Thanks, Rajiv. I hope that people are reminded every now and then about the anthrax letters. We all deserve answers to that one and should not forget.

The US government creates fertile topics for conspiracy theory when they conceal the results of inquiry into events like the anthrax letters. People want answers and when they aren't forthcoming, they begin speculating. I still can't understand why the FBI won't release the videotape that they confiscated from the gas station near the Pentagon on 9/11, and so forth, and so on.

02-10-08, 02:22 PM
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P.S. - And to be clear, I do not agree with this thread's thesis.

06-29-08, 10:12 PM
Huge US payout over anthrax case (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7478722.stm)

The US justice department has agreed a multimillion-dollar settlement with a man it said was a "person of interest" in the US anthrax attacks in 2001.

Dr Steven Hatfill, a former US army scientist, sued the department, saying it violated his privacy rights by speaking to reporters about the case.

Court papers now say a deal has been reached and the case will be dismissed.

Five people were killed by anthrax mailed to lawmakers and media outlets in New York, Washington and Florida.

According to the settlement documents filed on Friday, the justice department will pay Dr Hatfill $2.8m (1.4m) upfront.

It will also buy Dr Hatfill a $3m (1.5m) annuity that will pay him $150,000 (75,000) each year for 20 years.

Leaks, focus on single suspect undercut anthrax probe (http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-probe29-2008jun29,0,1652343.story)

The federal investigation into the deadly anthrax mailings of late 2001 was undermined by leaks and a premature fixation on a single suspect, according to investigators and scientists involved in the case.

More than six years after the mailings, no one has been charged, and the top suspect, former Army scientist Steven J. Hatfill was all but exonerated Friday when the U.S. Justice Department agreed to pay him $5.82 million to settle a lawsuit.

The anthrax mailings killed five people, crippled mail delivery in some areas and closed a Senate office building for months, heightening anxiety on the heels of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Now, dozens of interviews by the Los Angeles Times and a review of newly available court documents reveal a flawed investigation marked by abnormal tactics and internal dissent.

Behind the scenes, FBI agents chafed at their supervisors' obsession with Hatfill, who in 2002 was publicly identified by then-Atty. Gen. John D. Ashcroft as "a person of interest." The preoccupation with Hatfill persisted for years, long after investigators failed to turn up any evidence linking him to the mailings. Other potential suspects and leads were ignored or given insufficient attention, investigators said.

One official who criticized Ashcroft for singling out Hatfill was rebuked by the FBI director's top aide.

When Hatfill, now 54, landed a government-funded university job, the Department of Justice forced his dismissal. Ashcroft and FBI officials testified in the lawsuit that they knew of no precedent for such intervention.

Investigators also questioned orders from their bosses to share confidential information with political leaders, a departure from normal procedure. The security of information within the probe was so lax that FBI agents found news helicopters racing them to the scenes of searches. One exasperated agent called the leaks to the media "ridiculous."

When an official proposed using lie-detector tests to find the source of the leaks, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III dismissed the idea, saying it would be "bad for morale," according to testimony by one of the lead agents on the case.

Previously undisclosed deposition testimony by agents and their supervisors was gathered as part of the lawsuit Hatfill filed in 2003, alleging that the government violated his privacy and damaged his reputation and prospects for employment.

According to its website, the FBI has "devoted hundreds of thousands of agent-hours to the case," conducted more than 9,100 interviews, obtained about 6,000 grand jury subpoenas and completed 67 searches.

A federal judge who reviewed details of the investigation, including still-secret FBI summaries, declared earlier this year that there "is not a scintilla of evidence that would indicate that Dr. Hatfill had anything to do with this."