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12-24-07, 01:49 PM
From my friend Pete McCormack's blog

A few of the vital problems The Inconvenient Truth conveniently didn’t mention—like factory farming and other often grotesque cruelties (which pollute the spirit) and pollutants (which pollute the home of the spirit).

"The life of the individual has meaning
only insofar as it aids in making the life
of every living thing nobler
and more beautiful"
Albert Einstein

This is the trailer for the upcoming Peaceable Kingdom: The Long Journey Home (http://www.tribeofheart.org/)

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This is the trailer for The Witness film, which is really inspiring—makes a grown man cry as the unlikely protagonist drives around NYC during the Christmas Season showing what happens to animals under certain brutal conditions.

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The truth is, most “cage-free” eggs are produced on industrialized farms, and there is little evidence to suggest “cage-free” production techniques are less harmful to the environment. They are certainly not “good for” animals.

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