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12-08-07, 03:39 PM

12-09-07, 02:22 PM
Thoroughly enjoyed it GRG55, with "apocalypto" muzac and all!

The Oil Drum and Energy Bulletin.net are excellent collection points for lots of sound articles. Plenty of "meat and potatoes" on this topic to be found there. Read any 50 articles at EnergyBulletin.net, and try walking away feeling there is no issue there worthy of concern.

Now, where's my PROZAC? (rummages for tattered medecine bottle to counteract the effect of GRG55's gentle tweaking upon frayed, apocalypse-prone nerves). :D

So where are we going from here GRG55? Jetson scooters, Jetson school buses, Jetson homes and Jetson nations? A Jetson's "United Nations" to tell us we are all now ripe for a OneWorld [TM] Government governed by the "Carbon Emissions Standard Jetson's Cops? (Jeez, that's the best part. I can't wait for the OneWorld [TM] government bit!)