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12-03-07, 04:28 PM
anyone know how quickly Rolling Stone takes content off line?

On page 2 it explains how meth came in on the coat-tails of crack, taking over some of the same markets.

It reminded me of a personal experience

One time I was in Houston (1993, I think), listening to the radio and Peter McWilliams was on. I called and we discussed couple of things even Peter had not thought of for his book - some things I remember include

1. without the drug war AIDS would have been a fraction of the problem it was in the US- no pool of needle-sharing IV drug users to draw from

2. without the war on drugs, drug users would be healthier (most drug "overdoses" are actually poisonings due to excipients, strictly a side effect of the drug war)

3. the war on drugs created the incentive for crack and puts incentives in place for the dealers to come up with the most addictive substances they can. After all, how much more entrepreneurial does one have to be, than to challenge entire armies and intelligence agencies of multiple countries to market your products?

Yet despite these costs, the US kept down the path it was on, and Canada is following slowly behind, playing catch up. Because the situation is SO WORTH CATCHING UP TO.