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11-25-07, 02:04 PM
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GENRE: Dramatization and suspense - 113 pages

SPECIAL NOTICE: This storyline, in the mold or Erin Brokovic, is based on true facts and aims at educating the masses about the inner working of our current global monetary system and what we can do to restore peace and prosperity.

LOG LINE: a young woman uncovers her family legacy while probing obscure practices ruling the fate of billions of world citizens

If interested, please message/email me - thanks


Authors Website: http://notodebtslavery.blogspot.com/

Libertarian Screenwriter, philosopher, owner of moneyfiles.org in support of The Gold Action Anti-Trust Committee (gata.org) and a hard currencies advocate. Currently involved in the promotion of the documentary by Danny Schechter "in Debt We Trust" (indebtwetrust.com) (http://www.indebtwetrust.com/media.php). She has just completed a screenplay titled "D.E.B.T" which exposes world economic serfdom. Seeking a producer!