View Full Version : Moody's says: Expect a lousy shopping season

11-22-07, 02:57 PM
Retailers depend on this season for 25% to 40% of annual sales.

High end will do alright, low end will survive, mid-range retailers are in trouble, especially those that took on debt during the LBO bubble.

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Tim T
12-05-07, 12:18 AM
Fred, thanks for the post. Is this not uncanny? The effect of the economic problems of the US (GDP 2/3 consumer driven) on the consumer, feedback to effect the economy (retail) in a manner that reflects the changes in the consumer. I mean, we are becoming a nation of poor and rich as the middle class is wiped out so naturally we need only two kinds of stores to fit only two types of consumer. Tiffany's or Saks for a few of us and Walmart and Target for the rest of us. Sad, but there is some peace in understanding why things wind up as they do.