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11-20-07, 07:56 AM

``So, what have you been up to?'' I asked him.

``I've been studying money,'' he said, ``and how it disappears every time there's a Bush in the White House, or even the Blair House.''

``You're being harsh,'' I said.

``You take this `subprime' loan crisis,'' he said. ``The banks sweet-talked naive borrowers into buying houses they couldn't afford, and now, predictably, they're defaulting on their mortgages. So, why is this a crisis?''

``Because real estate is tanking,'' I said.

``No,'' he said. ``Real estate is tanking because of the defaults, not the other way around. No, the reason this is a `CRISIS' is because the rich people who own the shady banks aren't going to the hit themselves. Their Republican and their corporate Democratic senators, led by George W. Bush, are going to make sure the taxpayers clean up the mess.''

``And we will, because it's a `crisis,''' said Hon.

``Exactly, that's the Bush way,'' said Uncle Chet. ``Twenty years ago, when George Herbert Walker Bush was vice president under an old man who didn't know if he was in Brazil or Bolivia, we had another financial crisis.''

``The savings and loan crisis,'' I said.

``Yes, the savings and loan crisis,' where banks collapsed after making indefensible loans and the taxpayers were forced to pay because it was a `crisis.' At the time, Papa Bush, was veep and his son, Neil, was director of the Silverado Savings and Loan, which went under and cost the taxpayers $1.6 billion.'' ``Sounds like corporate welfare,'' I said.

``And you can be sure `W' will outdo his brother.''

``He is a competitor,'' I said.

``And then, unless Bush pulls a Musharraf because he might go to jail, we can look forward to four years of Hillary or Rudy with their hands in the till,'' he said.

``Ouch,'' I said.

"unless Bush pulls a Musharraf "

LOL! Classic.