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02-03-13, 08:20 PM

I want everyone to have right to use welfare (i have myself), but not MISS-USE it!
Back in the 90's mobility cars were about 134,000...........now almost 600,000 !

Did we fight a major war?......WW1 style?..........where did all the "Diss-abled" come from?

Am pissed its going to take to 2018 to flush out these motherf*ckers...i guess i have to just live with seeing 90,000 a year getting the BAD (Good) news. You know one day a little child is going to ask the QUESTION..........."Daddy, where did all the Northsea oil/gas money go?"

"It went on giving work-shy lossers BMW/Merc/Audi to anoy Mega daring".

02-05-13, 09:21 AM
Did we fight a major war?......WW1 style?..........where did all the "Diss-abled" come from?

As someone pointed out on another thread, these are basically long-term unemployed who are unable to find a job. Doctors label them unfit to work because they will be destitute otherwise. New diabled person happy to have an income. Government happy as they're not on the unemployment figures.

02-05-13, 10:21 AM
Yeah, lots of miners in the 80's were put on disability benefit after Margaret Thatcher thought it was a good idea to ruin whole communities in Wales.

02-05-13, 04:42 PM
At the time they said they dump coal & go Atomic like the French..........it would be cheaper & cleaner for the future. Today i lean that Windscale (re-named Sellafield after it blew up for the 5th time) reprocessing plant has cost......so far 68 BILLION, Yes 68 B I L L O N !!!!!!!!! to clean up & its still not finished!

Mind you, they have had a few "problems" with it over the years.