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10-22-07, 11:42 PM
Navigate The Falling Dollar - Catherine Austin Fitts

This lecture, titled Safely Navigate the Falling US Dollar - Powerful Strategies for the Ethical Investor in Uncertain Economic Times was presented by Catherine Austin Fitts in Mill Valley, CA, December 15, 2004 to an overflow audience.

Incubate a Wealth Revolution through a Solari Investor Circle This lecture with audience Q&A provides a balanced approach to coping with such threats as the falling US dollar, economic warfare, and market manipulation. Here Catherine outlines how to "come clean" from a destructive economic system and introduces the Solari Investor Circle, a local investment club for you and the people you trust, to help you start your own wealth-building conspiracy that is entirely under your control—right in your community. Use this lecture to help build a lifeboat in times of economic volatility, and to help you launch a wealth revolution in your home and neighborhood.

1 hour and 38 min long

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