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10-13-07, 02:45 PM
This "rough cut" of the trailer for the documentary "Hillary Uncensored" (formerly "Hillary Exposed") was uploaded to Google as a private posting in July. It has now been Google's top-ranked video for the past three days (October 10-12). The one-hour film will premiere at the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York on October 30.

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See also Special Report (http://www.newsforreal.com/specialreport.html) by Stephen P.Pizzo

You may have noticed that we were recently treated to a full-scale Bill and Hillary charm offensive. Bill has been touting his charitable juggernaut --immodestly branded with the Clinton logo as "The Clinton Global Initiative." And he has a new book out -- just in time for the primary campaign season -- with the warm and fuzzy title, "Giving."

All that dovetailed nicely with Hillary's blitz of the mainstream media Sunday talk shows where, in a single morning, she held a rapid-fire round of high profile, prime time satellite interviews with every network that matters. She smiled - a lot, looked relaxed and laughed - a lot.

It was a Clinton Inc. media tour de force. This power couple have always been a team, and they still are. Anyone who thinks the timing of Bill's goodness offensive and Hillary's race for the Democratic Party nomination are mere coincidence just haven't been paying attention for the last twenty years or so.

As the couple knew they would, the media took bait. The Clintons called the tune and as they twirled to the that tune a real story lurked right under their lazy noses -- a story that says a lot more about the Clintons than the puffy "did she laugh too much" pablum the media spun for public consumption.

It was during the height of that Hill-Bill media blitz that an email popped into my box. It was from a well-connected old friend on the east coast. He wrote he was at a Clinton fund raiser rubbing elbows with, to quote him -- “an old friend of yours.” Knowing this guy as I do I sensed sarcasm, and I was right.

“It's Farhad Azima,” he announced, knowing, I am sure, that the very mention of this character in any setting would get my attention, but at Clinton fund raiser! Holy cow!