View Full Version : How many times can you vote? If you are a member of Congress, more than once

09-28-07, 12:09 AM
If you voted the way your Congress critter votes, you'd go to jail. Watch.

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09-28-07, 08:38 AM

09-28-07, 08:55 AM

completely outrageous! huuuuuuuugh! that's me throwing up.

where's cspan been all this time? you'd think they'd turn the cameras around just once and show this. weird.

09-28-07, 09:12 AM
The excuse given -- we have too many laws to pass. This fiasco is not the solution!

The solution is to pass fewer laws -- and critically scrutinize the laws you do bring to the floor and pass. And to distribute power to local decision making instead of to centralizing power. Legislate centrally only when local decision making is inadequate to the task.

09-28-07, 08:03 PM
If you voted the way your Congress critter votes, you'd go to jail. Watch.

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A similar report from Florida (http://www.tampabays10.com/video/news/?aid=29775&sid=34437), lest anyone think this only happens in Texas...:rolleyes:

The reporter claims that at the federal level this is not "allowed" but I have to wonder.:mad: