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Mora wacker
09-12-07, 03:07 AM
I am a retired School Headmistress.I have received ten thousand dollar as my retirement money.Now i want to invest this money in a right way.I heard that three types of funds are available for investing options those are secure fund balanced fund and growth fund.But i don't know much about this.So can anyone help or suggest me which one is the best and why it is? or is there any other good option is available?

09-12-07, 11:28 AM

The members of this online community are primarily interested in furthering discussion and increasing understanding, as opposed to making money servicing OPM (other people's money).

I would suggest (if you have not already done s) that you read at least a few articles on the right side of the main iTulip page for background.

Secondly consider your goals and willingness to take risk.

This is a more difficult task - I have not seen anything which both clearly spells out all involved definitions and also clearly explains the tradeoffs.

I can only recommend (if you can handle the tedium) of reading up on volatility vs. gain - to wit: volatility is the size of the range at which an investment will change, while gain is the absolute change in price from one starting point to the measuring point.

From there you would get into alpha and beta - overall market gain vs. gain over market performance.

After you have gained some more background, by all means inquire as to more specific questions.

Your initial question is tailor made for a talking head like you see on TV, but I hopefully no one here will swoop down for a kill.

09-12-07, 01:07 PM
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