View Full Version : Down on the farm, investors see big potential

07-15-11, 05:24 PM
These guys may be a little late to the US party. tey should join me in South America...


A new breed of gentleman farmer is shaking up the American heartland. Rich
investors with no ties to farming, no dirt under their nails, are confident
enough to wager big on a patch of earth -- betting that it's a smart investment
because food will only get more expensive around the world.

They're buying wheat fields in Kansas, rows of Iowa corn and acres of
soybeans in Indiana. And though farmers still fill most of the seats at
auctions, the newcomers are growing in number and variety -- a Seattle computer
executive, a Kansas City lawyer, a publishing executive from Chicago, a Boston
money manager.

The value of Iowa farmland has almost doubled in six years. In Nebraska and
Kansas, it's up more than 50 percent. Prices have risen so fast that regulators
have begun sounding alarms, and farmers are beginning to voice concerns.

07-15-11, 05:50 PM
Will this dirt bubble in the making come with water?