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07-27-07, 02:14 AM
Fundamentalist Christianity, and it's influence on America - Christopher Hitchens, Journalist

Posting this interview may offend one or two people in this community, but it will meet with others' approval, if not directly of Mr. Hitchens, then certainly of the issue of separation of church and state this country once considered crucial.

It's interviews with Christopher Hitchens, the expatriate British journalist, scathing skeptic, and combative author, interviewed on the inroads religious fundamentalism has made on American culture in recent years.

I look at Mr. Hitchens with respect bordering on enthusiasm - he can be frequently argumentative, but his discussion approaches religious bigotry with all the reductive efficiency of a John Deere combine harvester.

These interviews present harsh and uncompromising views on the appropriate position for Christianity - within the America which Thomas Jefferson had in mind.



It seems we need an acerbic native Briton to remind us of the significance of our freedoms, and of just how far ranging a journalist's function can be within society :