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09-14-09, 09:26 AM
We are moving (from Switzerland to Australia) and therefore had to go through the bookshelves book by book and decide what to keep and what not to.

Came across the book mentioned in the titel and today, while the removal company is packing the stuff, I have been sitting on the terass leafing through. He predicted a crash in 1990 but that seems to have been diverted and now we are really ripe for an economic disaster. His analysis seems to hold, he might have been 20 years wrong (!) but otherwise...
If you find the book, then is can be an entertaining 1/2 reading.


World Traveler
09-14-09, 10:41 AM
Ravi Batra subsequently published additional books in the 1990's, which I read.

He was ALWAYS VERY emphatic in the 1990's that the biggest issue that would cause problems for the U.S. in the future (where we now are!) was growing income disparity. He said that as income disparity grew, speculative activity would increase, because the increasingly wealthy segment would use their excess weath to speculate in financial markets. He was also very anti-Greespan.

In the 1990's, there were not that many authors who accurately pointed out the issues that would lead us to where we are now. Ravi Batra was one. Kevin Phillips (whose 1990's books I also read back then) was another.

09-14-09, 11:01 AM
So he's saying income disparity will continue to get worse until there is a revolution?