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04-05-07, 03:05 PM
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John is interviewed by DemocracyNow.org ( I would call it RepublicNow.org ;) - see the video "Victoria's Secret Circus" for a definition of Republic). Mr. Perkins was recruited by the NSA to strongarm countries into doing the bidding of the U.S. If he was unable to convince the country's leader to comply, then that leader would be assassinated. Hugo Chavez has been unwilling to comply with the leverage or bribery tactics of the U.S. We simply ask you the viewer, "Who is the bigger threat to world peace and stability?"

04-05-07, 03:40 PM
Did you read the book?

Some people don't believe he is credible. I think he is somewhat credible at least.

If you read financial history, you know that the stuff he talks about takes place all the time.

It isn't working so well anymore. The empire is more about military force than it used to be, as the US doesn't have economic hegemony like it used to. As commodities and energy have boomed, the US$ isn't what it used to be, and the system of getting developing countries to become vassels, by using debt, isn't working any more.

06-21-11, 05:17 PM
Did you read the book?

Some people don't believe he is credible.

old thread, but who? Seems as if most of what's in this book is easily confirmed.