View Full Version : Martenson dissects WSJ article re: Foreign Ownership of Treasuries

09-03-09, 09:15 AM
Perhaps this thread will be moved to the economics forum, but I thought that it would be important for itulipers not to miss, as Martenson dissects a WSJ article named: "Households Start to Rival the Chinese in Treasury Market"


"My conclusion from all this is that the US has a date with a funding crisis and probably an associated dollar crisis, and increasing foreign indebtedness is an absolutely vital component of that pair of risks. I assume that the record-breaking pace of foreign Treasury accumulation is not sustainable and that it will therefore stop. Since it does not seem to want to stop for natural or fundamental reasons, I assume it will stop for some other reason(s), possibly abruptly."

09-03-09, 09:23 AM
Looks like Gordon Brown is on a buying spree of US Treasuries

~90 billion increase in 2009, more than China(~37 billion) or Japan(77 billions)