View Full Version : Gold, Unions, Food: The new short attention span Guns, Germs, and Steel?

08-01-09, 08:39 PM
I've been thinking about the following:


A very strong iTulip focus thus far has been on the accurate bottom iTulip found in gold prices while the rest of the world was focused on becoming Boo.com and Pets.com internet zillionaires.


Recently there was some brief discussion on possibly tracking union membership as % of workforce as an indicator or union activity in general:



I cannot seem to find anything here on iTulip showing what % of the family budget food represents historically.

As I understand it, in general, we pay a far LOWER percentage of our average income today on food, than we have historically.

I suspect, anecdotally, that we may have bottomed in the past few years.

Is food as % of average family income an indicator worth keeping on the iTulip dashboard as well?

I would think iTulip's analytical accuracy might be able to guesstimate where we may end up on this item in 1,3,5,10 years.

I reckon it's a pretty important one.

I think it should be added as a gauge on the iTulip dashboard.


I don't know if I'm heading down a rabbit hole with this thought, or maybe it's just the nasty flu I brought back with me from a recent trip to the US.

But I have been thinking more and more about the confluence of Gold, Unions, Food(plus energy prices and maybe a few others but failed to add them as it would ruin my "guns, germs, steel" ripoff :) ) and how I might better understand what will likely happen when certain combinations hit.....or at least develop a better organized set of intelligence indicators for my "dashboard" for the coming decade.

Any thoughts?

08-02-09, 01:32 PM
I recently posted an article, on the following thread, that ties in to this one.